What Are Some Common Repairs for a Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine?

Some common repairs for a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine include troubleshooting a sewing machine that does not run and dealing with frequent thread breaks on the needle or the bobbin. Other common repairs include replacing broken needles and making the stitches firmer and more professional.

Clean the Husqvarna Viking sewing machine regularly, and oil all moving parts to forestall common problems. If the sewing machine does not run, check the power cord and ensure that it is plugged in firmly, and that the power supply is turned on. Check for any tangled threads on the bobbin if there are no power supply problems.

If you experience frequent needle thread breaks, inspect the machine’s threading. If the threading is done improperly, rethread the machine according to the user manual. If this does not solve the problem, loosen the needle thread tension as per the user manual.

Sometimes, the thread breaks are due to improper threading in the bobbin. Check the bobbin and thread according to instructions in the user manual. Replace the bobbin if it is damaged or worn out. Clean lint from the bobbin case regularly, using a vacuum cleaner hose or a lint brush.

Ensure the replacement needle is unbent, sharp and threaded properly. Furthermore, tighten the needle clamp screw after replacement. Loosen the needle thread tension if the fabric puckers as you sew.