What Are Some Common Questions Included in a Candy Bar Quiz?


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The Candy Bar Quiz, sometimes used in classroom settings to test research skills and general knowledge, has a range of questions dependent on the candy bars looking to be used. Questions that can appear on the quiz include “which candy bar was named after a horse,” “which candy bar’s name means ‘none’” and “which Nestle candy bar consisting of chocolate and crisped rice has the slogan ‘For the kid in you.'”

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Another variation of the Candy Bar Quiz has questions that are typically phrases or words that can be associated with a specific candy bar. Some of the more common questions seen on the Candy Bar Quiz are “A famous trio,” “twin letters,” “a famous New York street” and “an Indian burial ground.”

Other questions that can be found in this version include “can’t hold onto anything,” “to chuck to oneself,” “a famous baseball player,” “a rainbow of color” and Superman’s human name.” Since there are so many different types of candy bars, the questions that show up on each version can change.

One final version of the Candy Bar Quiz includes participants actually trying to determine the name of a candy bar based on what it looks like. Candy bars will be taken out of their wrapper and displayed for participants to guess which candy bar is which.

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