What Are Some Common "Poptropica" Cheats?

What Are Some Common "Poptropica" Cheats?

Poptropica has several cheats, some are activated by using promotional codes, while others can be used in game using keyboard shortcuts. Most of Poptropica's cheats will change your character's appearance.

To use cheat codes, go to the store and type the following codes in the 'Promo code' box:

GHDBOOK: Galactic Hot Dogs Mega Dog costume

GOREALMS: Realms Builder costume

POPANYWHERE: Poptropica App – Tablet & Phone

SKULLBOOK: Skull Pirate costume

When playing the game, the following keyboard shortcuts can also be used:

Ctrl + Shift + R: Randomizes your character's outfit. Be careful though as you will lose the outfit your character is wearing!

Ctrl + Shift + S: Change your character’s skin color

Ctrl + Shift + H: Change your character’s hair color

Ctrl + Shift + P: Gives your character a pumpkin mask