What Are Some Common Patterns for a Surgical Scrub Hat?


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Some common patterns for scrub hats are the Ahualoa pattern, Calypso Blue pattern, Candy Land pattern, Beads pattern and Cannonbury pattern. These hats are available through a variety of collections including the Pixie collection, Pony collection and Poppy collection.

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The Alualoa is a colorful, Hawaiian-themed scrub hat featuring a pattern of white flowers and leaves on a yellow-green backdrop. The Calypso Blue is the traditional solid blue pattern of medical scrub hats. The Candy Land hat is another colorful variety featuring several red, pink and striped mint candies sprawled over a hot pink backdrop. The Christmas Ornament hat features various reddish ornaments laid on top of a green background.

The Halawa scrub pattern design is similar to the Alualoa design but with a yellow and orange color palette. The Dizzy Spell variety features an optical illusion. Pink and white crosses are laid next to each other, confusing the viewer as to which set is the background and which is the foreground. The Flamingo hat's color scheme is composed of pink, magenta, orange and red circles atop a white background.

The Frosty the Snowman scrub hat design consists of several blue snowflakes and Frosty the Snowman imagery laid atop a white background. Another pattern is the Beads pattern. In this design, multicolored beads are laid atop a brown background.

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