What Are Some Common Needlepoint Stitches?


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There are different types of needlepoint stitches. The kind of needlepoint stitch that crafters use depends on the effect they want to accomplish. The typical needlepoint stitches are tent stitch, satin stitch, continental stitch, basketweave stitch, diagonal stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch, half-cross stitch and bargello stitch.

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What Are Some Common Needlepoint Stitches?
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The tent stitch is the easiest and the most common type of needlepoint stitch. One can entirely complete his or her work using the tent stitch by using different colors of yarn. This can come in handy for crafters who want to avoid the multiple textures generated by different stitches.

Half cross does not cover the canvas very well. However, it is the easiest to learn. Half cross stitch is suitable for sections that require a few stitches of the same yarn color.

The continental stitch tends to cover the fabric well. However, it also distorts it. According to needlepoint-for-fun.com, the continental stitch is ideal when working on smaller areas. The continental stitch is a variation of tent stitch, and it gives a diagonal stitch on the wrong side of the garment.

The basketweave stitch forms a basketweave pattern on the wrong side of the canvas. This stitch offers good coverage on the canvas with very little distortion. The basketweave stitch is ideal when stitching large areas of canvas.

Bargello stitch is a historical stitch that is also known to as flame work, Hungarian point or Florentine work.. To generate the bargello stitch, straight stitches are worked in zigzags using different colors.

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