What Are the Common Math Games at Toy Theater?


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Some common math games at Toy Theater include "Fruit Fall," "Bug Catcher" and "Multiply Race." These games are available on the Toy Theater website to play free anytime as of 2015.

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In "Fruit Fall," players help the farmer catch the pieces of fruit falling from the sky. There are 10 different types of fruit and five pieces of each type. Each level features a single type of falling fruit that the players catch by placing the farmer with a basket underneath the fruit. After each round, the players count up the caught fruit, and it appears on a bar for players to see.

"Bug Catcher" helps players learn addition and subtraction while using a number line. A frog stands ready on the number line while insects fall on random numbers. Players must select the correct math equation to move the frog to the number with the bug on it. The equations alternate between addition and subtraction to ensure equal practice.

With five races, players get many chances to practice their multiplication skills in "Multiply Race." Players race against another car, and each level provides a faster opponent. Each time the players answer a question correctly, they get a speed boost. In the case of incorrect answers, they continue moving slowly. The math problems include answers up to 100.

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