What Are Some Common Lionel Wiring Diagrams?


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A common Lionel wiring diagram can be found on the Lionel website. The wiring diagram is there to help with the operation of the product. Common Lionel wiring diagrams include the descriptions along with the part numbers.

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The breakdown of parts is available in different sections for the wiring diagram. The wiring diagram shows the user where to put the six wires from the reversing unit. The two optional wires are the blue and white wires. These wires can be soldered to an on/off switch that enables the user to lock the reversing unit into one of the positions. If the user does not want this option, the blue and white wires can be cut off of the circuit board.

The remaining wires are black, red, brown and gray. First, remove the wires that are attached to the two terminals of the motor. The black wire from the reversing unit needs to be soldered to one of the motor's terminals, and the red wire needs to be soldered to the other motor terminal. Use a wire nut to combine the gray wire with the wire that is coming from the locomotive's center rail pick-up. The brown wire needs to be combined, using a wire nut, with the wire used to ground the locomotive.

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