What Are Some Common Ingredients Used in Potpourri?


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Some common ingredients used in potpourri are scented flower petals, fragrant woods and herbs, according to Wikihow.com. Other common ingredients include spices, roots and seeds. Citrus fruit peels, barks and essential oils are also potpourri ingredients.

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Most ingredients that are put into potpourri are there to enhance the smell, but some ingredients are just for appearance. Some people may want to rub essential oils onto items that do not have a scent, reports Wikihow.com. Many put orris root and citrus peels into their potpourri because of the low cost and easy accessibility. Sandalwood, patchouli and frankincense are all examples of other ingredients that can be put in potpourri.

Ingredients must be dry before making the potpourri because moisture can cause mold to grow. One of the most common potpourri recipes for mixing the ingredients recommends using two or three tablespoons of spices with two tablespoons of ground root for every four cups of dried plants. Add one citrus peel and two or three drops of essential oil to these ingredients. The more essential oil that the potpourri maker adds, the stronger the scent will be. After adding all the ingredients, put the mixture away in a container until the scents mature.

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