What Comes With "The Sims 3 PC" Starter Pack?

What Comes With "The Sims 3 PC" Starter Pack?

"The Sims 3" Starter Pack for PC includes "The Sims 3" game, the game's "Late Night" expansion pack and its "High-End Loft Stuff" pack. It also includes the "Date Night" collection as bonus downloadable content.

"The Sims 3" came out on June 2, 2009, while the Starter Pack came out on May 14, 2013. The game is an open-ended simulation of real life, where the player creates and customizes characters called Sims. The game has multiple neighborhoods available for the player to explore, and he is also able to create his own neighborhood.

The "Late Night" expansion pack provides new locations for the player's Sims to visit at night, including dive bars, dance clubs, penthouse suites and lounges. It also offers new Sim career options, including a band member, a mixologist and a director. This pack also allows Sims to become vampires or celebrities.

The "High-End Loft Stuff" pack has high-end furniture options for Sims' homes, including art, video game consoles and slim TVs. The pack also has new clothing options for the Sims, such as tailored suits and new outerwear.

The "Date Night" collection has clothing options appropriate for a date. These include blazers, cocktail dresses and rave apparel.