What Comes in a Bensen Gyrocopter Kit?


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The Bensen B-8M gyrocopter is no longer in production. After Bensen Aircraft Corporation ceased production in 1987, Ken Brock Manufacturing continued to sell plans and kits. Ken Brock's family closed the business soon after he died in an aircraft incident in 2001.

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Gyrocopter enthusiasts may still find used Bensen gyrocopters, plans and parts for sale online or through local rotorcraft clubs. The Popular Rotorcraft Association maintains a list of gyrocopter manufacturers and parts suppliers that is available to members. Several other companies design and sell Bensen-style gyrocopters as of April 2015.

Sport Copter produces the Sportcopter II, Vortex and Lightning gyroplanes. Sport Copter aircraft are available assembled or as kits. Each model has optional features and upgrades, but the primary components include the engine, rotor, frame, seat and fuel systems. Flight controls, landing gear and assembly instructions are also included. The Lightning is an ultralight, so owners are not required to have a pilot license, but Sport Copter strongly recommends flight training before flying it.

Air Command produces single seat, tandem and side-by-side gyrocopter models. The company does not sell kits or plans because they do not want people to attempt to build one of their aircraft out of unsafe materials. Air Command requires that all customers receive training from an approved facility before they purchase a gyrocopter.

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