What Are Some of the Best Comedy Roast Jokes?

One example of a popular joke from Comedy Central's show "The Roast" is "Charlie, I'm 80 years old. You're, what, 47? How come we look like we went to high school together?" This joke was directed toward Charlie Sheen and said by William Shatner.

Charlie Sheen's episode of "The Roast" is one of the most popular, as of 2015. Another joke from this episode is "Charlie, you get a bad rap, but you're just like Bruce Willis. You know, you were big in the '80s and now your old slot's being filled with Ashton Kutcher." This joke came from comedian and actress Amy Schumer.

"The Roast" of Donald Trump is another popular episode of this television show. One of the jokes from this roast is "You've put up more worthless hotels than an autistic kid playing Monopoly." Lisa Lampanelli told this joke. Other participants in the roast of Donald Trump include Larry King, Seth McFarlane and Whitney Cummings.

While the main point of "The Roast" is to insult and make jokes about a specific person, participants also direct jokes toward the various panel members. One example of this is a joke directed at Jeffery Ross by Snoop Dogg during the roast of Trump. The joke is "I like Jeff, because he'll do anything to get a laugh. Except say something funny."