How Do You Come up With a Color Chart for Roses?


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To create a color chart for roses, learn the traditional connotations, meanings and implications of the use of various colors of roses, such as red, white and yellow, and present this information on a chart with their corresponding flowers. Free online resources such as RKDN.org and PassionGrowers.com provide example color charts for roses.

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When giving roses as a gift or using them in the floral display of a wedding, graduation or other event, the color of the roses used bears significant symbolic meaning. Red roses, for example, are traditionally a symbol of love, romance and beauty while yellow roses convey feelings of happiness and excitement. To come up with a color chart for roses, it is required to know the colors of the roses being included in the chart and the desired information to be listed about each rose color.

A number of websites such as RKDN.org and PassionGrowers.com provide free information on rose color symbolism for standard colors such as red and white as well as artificial or uncommon colors such as blue, peach and black. Color charts for roses can be presented in a tabular format listing out color names and descriptions, or can be made by pairing descriptions with images of particular rose colors.

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