What Is the Combined Height of Three Nickels, Two Nickels and One Nickel?

The combined height of three nickels, two nickels and one nickel is 0.46 inches, or just a little less than 1/2 inch. One nickel has a thickness of approximately 0.077 inches.

One stack of three nickels is 0.23 inches in height, and a stack of two nickels is about 0.154 in height. The six nickels combined weigh approximately 1.06 ounces since each nickel weighs approximately 0.176 ounces. A stack of three nickels weighs about 0.529 ounces, and a stack of two nickels weighs approximately 0.353 ounces. The nickel is thicker than the penny, dime and quarter and weighs more than the penny and dime.