What Are the Combat Arms Ranks?

What Are the Combat Arms Ranks?

The "Combat Arms" rank levels are Grunts, Field Officers, Commissioned Officers, Command Officers and Generals. There are different levels within each rank level. Players have to advance through each level in the rank level to advance. Advancing levels gains the player a bonus and unlocks new gear at designated levels.

Players advance in rank by completing matches and earning EXP points. The ranks that players must advance through in the Grunt level include Training or Recruit, Private, Private First Class, Corporal and Sergeant.

Once a player moves past the Sergeant designation, the player moves on to the Field Officer rank level. In this level, there are four different designations that players must achieve: Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major.

"Combat Arms" features three different levels within the Commissioned Officer level: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant and Captain. Once players advance to the Command Officer rank level, they must achieve Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel status before they are allowed to advance to the final ranking level, Generals.

Once at the Generals level, players work their way up from Brigadier General to Major General to Lieutenant General to General to General of the Army, the highest rank available in "Combat Arms."