What Colors Are Available for the DSi XL?


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According to Console Colors, the DSi XL came out in bronze, white, burgundy, midnight blue, yellow, metallic rose, green and red. There were also two special 25th-anniversary models of the DSi XL; one was all red with a mushroom, fire flower and star, and the other was all red with a retro, 8-bit Mario icon.

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Every color was not released in every country, according to Console Colors. In North America, the only colors that were available were bronze, burgundy, midnight blue, metallic rose and the 25th-anniversary model featuring the mushroom, star and fire flower. The metallic rose model was a North American-only version of the DSi XL.

Japan got all but two colors of the DSi XL, according to Console Colors. The exceptions included the metallic rose model, which was for North America only, and the red model, which was only released in Australia and New Zealand. The red model of the DSi XL was the only one that was fully red without any icons on it. Japan also got a few models that were not made available outside of Japan, including the white console and the 25th-anniversary DSi XL featuring 8-bit Mario. Since not all models were released in every country, many of these systems have become collectors' items.

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