How Do You View a Color Chart for Caron Simply Soft Yarn?

View a color chart for Caron Simply Soft yarn on the Sarahndipities blog. Color swatches of Caron Simply Soft yarn are available to view on and This line of Caron yarn has mostly five-star ratings by both Joann's and Michael's customers.

Caron Simply Soft yarn is 100-percent acrylic, machine-washable and able to be tumble dried. It's available in more than 30 colors, including shades and tints of red to black and white. Colors unique to Caron Simply Soft yarn include autumn red, dark country blue, sunshine and perfect plum. Patterns for crocheting and knitting, in addition to Caron yarn, is available for purchase in Sarahndipities' Etsy shop, along with pre-made items.