What Are Some Collectible Spanish Silver Coins?

What Are Some Collectible Spanish Silver Coins?

Collectible Spanish silver coins include reales, cobs and milled coins featuring certain designs. How much the coins are worth depends on their state, rarity and the designs they feature.

Spanish eight-real coins were worth one Spanish dollar and have an association with pirates and their trade. In addition to being legal tender in Spain, they were commonly used across the New World from the 19th century onwards.

Spanish cob coins are irregular in design, as the manufacturing process was not uniform. Those featuring the Jerusalem Cross date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. While their worth varies, well preserved items may attract as much as $1000.

Milled coins emerged when producers were able to roll the silver and punch out a uniform coin shape. Their designs are clearer than cobs, and often feature Spanish kings. Both four and eight reale coins are highly collectible, but as there are fewer four reale coins available, they have a higher worth. Those featuring a king's likeness are more modern and range from the eras of Carol III to Ferdinand VII.

Well preserved one reale and four reale coins featuring hemispheres between two pillars date between the 1730s and 1770s. Their inscription "vtraque vnum" indicates the link between the Old World and the New World, and they have high value when they're in good condition.