Which Collectible Pop Culture Characters Does Sideshow Collectibles Promote?


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Iron Man, Boba Fett and Superman are just some of most well-known characters Sideshow Collectibles has memorialized as high-end action figures. The toy company specializes in replicating famous characters from the Marvel, Star Wars and DC franchises.

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Sideshow Collectibles doesn't make toys found at local department stores; these figures are made for adult collectors. The scale of these figures proves as much; rather than standard children's toys, which stand at 3.75 inches, Sideshow figures are made to one-sixth scale, making them 1 foot tall. Certain figures, however, are made even taller than 1 foot. For example, a premium Darth Vader statue measures just over 26 inches.

Each figure comes with enough articulation to mimic realistic human movement, and cloth outfits complete the look. Although the clothes look realistic, trying to remove any of them could damage the figure. The manufacturing process for certain figures, such as Boba Fett, fuses the clothes to the body, making it impossible to remove. Figures usually come with a free stand to help support its weight for certain poses.

On the Sideshow Collectibles website, Hot Toys collectible figures can be found. These figures are very similar to Sideshow toys, but many offer greater detail and cost more to purchase.

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