What Are Some Collectible Lego Minifigures?


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Lego manufactures a thematic series of minifigures that people can collect. The company also makes limited edition minifigures specifically for collecting, which are sold in blind packaging.

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Lego introduced collectible minifigures in 2010. The company inserts 16 minifigures inside opaque packaging. These minifigures come from different settings such as sports, history, movies and everyday life. Each package contains at least five common, four uncommon and three rare minifigures.

In addition to the collectible minifigures, people can select other thematic collections or single minifigures. As of May 2015 some of the thematic sets include a movies series and two series featuring the Simpsons. Single minifigures include forestman, spaceman, deep sea diver, cowboy and nurse.

Some collectible minifigures have become valuable. According to MentalFloss.com, the rarest minifigure is Mr. Gold. Only 5,000 pieces were released as part of Lego's Series 10 Collectible Minifigures. Golden C-3PO minifigures were randomly included in Star Wars play sets, and they're collectible. Toys 'R Us sold exclusive Yoda minifigures to commemorate a life-sized X-wing fighter made entirely of Lego bricks.

Some collectible minifigures were handouts. Attendees at the 2013 Comic-Com in San Diego received a minifigure of Azog from the Hobbit. This figurine is rare if it's still in the original packaging. The 2011 New York Comic-con featured minifigure super heroes such as the Green Lantern, Batman and Superman.

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