What Are Some Collectible Black Figurines?


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There are many collectible black Americana figurines. They include mammy souvenir dolls, 1940s cotton carnival dolls, Aunt Jemima paper dolls and ceramic figurines. The walking African girl doll was made by Pedigree of England in the 1950s and is a collectible today.

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Black Americana refers to collectibles with an African American theme. Most collectible black figurines were created during the early 1900s. Therefore, the majority of the memorabilia deal with controversial issues. These consist of slavery, discrimination and racism. Some of the black figurines are a caricature of African Americans, especially the items created from the 1920s to 1950s. Nevertheless, not all collectibles have a negative subtext surrounding them. These items are collected by many people of different nationalities; some for personal reasons and some for decoration and compilation purposes. Some African Americans like to collect black Americana as a reminder of history.

There are many other types of collectibles besides figurines. Photographs, magazines, letters, postcards, and silverware are also popular Black Americana collectibles. If one is interested in investing a large sum of money in a collectible, it is wise to make sure the item is genuine before making the purchase. Many collectibles are offered at auctions and should be researched before one bids.

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