How Do You Collect Wedgwood Pottery?


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Begin a Wedgwood pottery collection by researching the historical significance of Queen's Ware, Black Basalt and Jasper Ware, innovated by English potter Josiah Wedgwood. Become familiar with the evolution of Wedgwood trademarks over the centuries to correctly determine the authenticity of and the approximate production period for individual pieces. Learn to recognize the unique texture and lightweight quality that sets apart Wedgwood pottery from that of rival manufacturers.

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  1. Know the product

    A working knowledge of family and corporate history is imperative for the serious Wedgwood collector. Josiah Wedgwood's first major innovation was a cream-colored, durable china made of flint and white clay which was called Queen's Ware in honor of the wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte

  2. Learn the trademarks

    Lengthy lists of trademark symbols are available online to help Wedgwood collectors authenticate and date the wide range of items they acquire. All of the trademarks bore the family name, and few pieces were intentionally left unmarked.

  3. Search for variety

    Wedgwood was also an accomplished chemist. In 1768 he developed a fine-grained black porcelain, called Black Basalt, that was used in making candle holders, vases, medallions and tableware. Other wares produced by Wedgwood include perfume bottles, bell handles and opera glasses.

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