How Do You Collect Vintage Watches?


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Vintage watches are a popular product to collect. There are many places to purchase such watches, but you should follow a few guidelines to be sure you are getting high-quality pieces. Research the market carefully, always try to see a watch in real life before you buy it, and only buy from reputable, established dealers./

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  1. Do your homework

    Before you buy any vintage watch, do some basic research. There are many fake watches or watches with replaced parts on the market. If you plan to spend a lot of money on a watch or hope to have it as an investment, it is crucial that you perform due diligence. There are many websites and forums that have advice about vintage watches, and you can also talk to collectors and reputable dealers for more information.

  2. See before you buy

    If possible, you should examine a vintage watch in person before you purchase it. Look for watches in excellent condition, with all of the original parts. If you are simply looking for an attractive vintage piece to wear, this is less important.

  3. Know the seller

    Obtain references before purchasing a vintage product from an unfamiliar seller. You can ask for a photo of the watch with that day's newspaper or a handwritten note from the seller, if you suspect a scam. An established local dealer may be more expensive than an online vendor, but their products are usually of higher quality and authenticated.

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