How Do You Collect Red Wing Pottery?


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Red Wing pottery can be found online at auction sites such as eBay or in antique shops around the world. Clubs and societies that specialize in collecting Red Wing pottery are helpful resources for finding specific pieces. These clubs, like the Red Wing Collectors Society, offer advice on how to locate certain pottery items, care for them and interact with other collectors.

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Before the rise of the Internet, Red Wing collectors had to rely on clubs, conventions and antique dealers to find the pottery. These are still viable avenues and are good for collectors who wish to see stoneware in person before purchasing it, but the Internet has opened up alternatives as well. Online auction and retail sites offer collectors the opportunity to search for specific pottery pieces across the world. This increases the chance of finding sought-after items without having to travel long distances. The Internet also offers collectors many ways to educate themselves on the pottery so they can be more effective in their search and purchase of Red Wing wares.

Red Wing Potteries operated under several different names throughout its history. The various names reflected changes in leadership, as well as shifts in product focus. From 1936 to 1967, the company operated as Red Wing Potteries and produced its iconic jugs with the "Red Wing" stamp. While Red Wing pottery items across the spectrum remain popular, items from this period, especially larger jugs, are more valued than others.

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