How Do You Collect Pressed Pennies?


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Collecting pressed pennies involves amassing a collection of copper cents run through a jeweler's mill, augmenting the collection through buying at auctions and trading with other collectors, and displaying the collection. Many pressed penny collectors choose to concentrate on a single theme, choosing from such pressed penny favorites as the Lord's Prayer, Disney theme park pennies, sports event pennies or pennies representing individual states.

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Pressed penny collectors can join one of several organizations devoted to the collections in order to learn where and when new pressed penny machines will be available. Pressed penny groups often allow members to trade their pennies, which lets collectors find the missing pieces they need to fill out their collections. Auctions and private sales also let collectors augment their collections. Printed and online guides are published providing information on pressed penny values. Collectors may also want to create their own databases to keep track of their collections.

While some pressed penny collectors advise against cleaning the coins at all, Park Pennies suggests using silver polish to remove fingerprints or tarnish. Rare or valuable pressed pennies can be preserved by setting them in Renaissance wax. A large pressed penny collection can be stored in plastic pages with pockets typically used by coin collectors, in small boxes or in a fishing tackle box.

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