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Three of the most valuable coins in the United States are the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel, the 1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar and the 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar, according to CoinTrackers.com. Other extremely valuable coins are the 1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollar and the 1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar.

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The 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel is very rare, with only five coins known to exist, states CoinTrackers.com. This coin can be valued at around $3,428,950 in poor condition. Its value can reach $4,408,650 if the coin is in perfect condition, which means it does not have any flaws and is likely certified. CoinTrackers.com explains that these prices are not based on a standard coin grading scale. The value of an 1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar is roughly $6,492 in poor condition, whereas its value in perfect condition is around $550,000. There were only 100,000 of this coin issued, although many were melted down.

CoinTrackers.com estimates that the value of a 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar in poor condition is around $48, while its value in perfect condition is up to $350,000. Around 6,962,000 of this coin were issued, with 813 proof Morgan Silver Dollars issued at the Philadelphia Mint in 1901. The Double Die Reverse errors are worth up to $3,650.

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