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The standard of Russian currency is the ruble (or rouble), which can be divided into 100 kopeks. Both of these units appear in various denominations of coinage, such as one-kopek or five-ruble coins.

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The contemporary Russian ruble has denominations of one, two, five and ten ruble coins. Kopeks can be found in one, five, ten and fifty kopek coins. However, the storied history of the country has resulted in a wide variety of coinage since the inception of the ruble in the 13th century. Rubles have been made with various alloys of platinum, gold, silver and copper.

Pre-Soviet gold coins featuring Tsar Nicholas II are of particular interest to collectors of Russian coins. These rare coins, in denominations of five and ten rubles, were issued over a twenty year period that encompassed the turn of the 20th century. In 1897, seven-and-one-half and 15 ruble gold coins were issued for a single year, making them very rare and valuable to collectors today. The 1904 platinum ruble, due to its rarity, is possibly the most valuable Russian coin minted.

Soviet-era coins are also of interest to collectors, particularly a series of silver coins issued to commemorate the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Post-Soviet coins are not as valued by collectors, and the currency suffered from hyperinflation until the standardization of the Russian ruble in 1998; however, some commemorative coins minted in this period are still sought out by collectors.

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