How Do You Get a Coin Certified?

How Do You Get a Coin Certified?

There are multiple services that accept coins for grading. The two most reputable services in the United States are Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. These services use a similar grading process with slight variations.

  1. Choose a grading service

    It is crucial to select a reputable grading service for your coins. Learn about each service's grading philosophy, and seek advice from other coin collectors before sending coins to a service.

  2. Submit your coins

    Some grading services require coin collectors to purchase a membership or work with an authorized dealer to submit coins for grading. If you meet these requirements, follow the service's guidelines for submission. You will need to package the coins in a certain way and list them on a submission invoice.

  3. Wait for the grading

    Once the grading service has received your coins, several numismatic experts will examine the coin to grade it. Usually, multiple experts will examine and grade the coin separately to prevent bias. Each coin receives a unique identification number which goes into a database, along with the coin grade.

  4. Receive coins

    Once a coin has been graded, it is encapsulated before it is returned to the owner. The sender seals the coin in a plastic holder to protect it. The coin also receives a label with the grade and its identification number. The coin is then considered certified and graded.