What Are the Cognitive Benefits of Playing "Minecraft"?


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The cognitive benefits of playing Minecraft include improving skills related to analyzing, creating, remembering, evaluating and understanding. Minecraft is a game that requires cognitive skills to remember items in the inventory or available actions. It also requires an ability to imagine new buildings and develop plans to extend the world.

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The free-form approach of Minecraft requires proper planning, the ability to sustain effort, excellent organization skills and constant attention to complete a goal. The cognitive benefits of the game stem from interaction with the gaming environment, or world. The gamer must use cognitive skills, such as the ability to analyze different situations, in order to survive each night in the game. This game requires players to think ahead to plan for the unknown and to analyze the potential outcome of every decision.

The basic requirements of the game that use cognitive skills include collecting mined materials, creating a workbench to make items on and building shelter to survive. Minecraft requires players to use decision-making skills and requires attention to detail.

This game requires a complex level of thinking that helps players improve cognitive skills. For example, the game involves traveling into uncharted areas to build a second home base and venturing into tunnels to obtain new mining materials. These tasks require players to plan out and implement certain key steps to achieve success, and to survive, players must do so with a certain level of cognitive development.

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