What Are the Best COD Clan Names?


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According to the ClanNames website, top Call of Duty clan names are Seven Stars, Midnight Crew, Deadly Demons, Skull Krushers and Chaos Emeralds. Oftentimes, COD clans are abbreviated at the front of a user's name. For example, a member of the Deadly Demons might abbreviate the clan name as DD at the front of their name. If the player's name is ShortRound, his gamer-tag might read DD – ShortRound.

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In “Call of Duty Ghosts,” clans play a much bigger role than in previous installments of the franchise. Clans are more deeply integrated with the online multiplayer experience. One new feature is the cross-platform multiplayer modewhich allows players to join a clan no matter what home console they use. As clans level up, the members enjoy exclusive bonuses, such as earning double experience points (XP).

“Call of Duty Ghosts” allows different clans to battle for territory against each other. The game matches clans together that have similar skills. The winning clan gets bonus XP and is rewarded with even more XP the longer that they are able to dominate the opposing clan. “Call of Duty Ghosts” also allows clan members to track the status of their entire clan. This can be used by clan leaders to find the weakest link in the clan.

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