What Clothing Items Make up a Carmen Miranda Costume?

The basic elements of a Carmen Miranda costume would include a colorful dress or skirt and a tall hat made of fruit. This type of outfit was Carmen Miranda's signature look.

To recreate Carmen Miranda's look for a costume, adding ruffles to brightly colored skirts and halters or dresses is one of the two most important components. The other is to create a headdress or turban and attach fake fruit to it. Colorful jewelry and platform shoes will complete the look.

Carmen Miranda was a dancer and actress who appeared on Broadway and in movies during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The colorful, ruffled skirts combined with towering headpieces, inspired by "bahiana," made her recognizable around the world. Although Miranda was Brazilian and Portuguese, her look was a combination of elements from Argentina and Mexico as well. The flamboyant look represents dance styles including the samba, tango and habanera.