What Are Some Clever Ways to Recycle Cardboard?

What Are Some Clever Ways to Recycle Cardboard?

Clever ways to recycle cardboard include decorating garden planters, creating a unique cage for small pets, creating a simple gift box, storing holiday lights and crafting your own business cards. These methods are particularly useful for cardboard that contains wax or plastic and therefore cannot be traditionally recycled.

Beer drinkers can convert beer cartons into carton flowers to decorate garden planters. Do this by folding the cartons into the shape of colorful flowers and then "planting" them inside an old concrete planner. This helps spruce up unused planners that might otherwise be eyesores.

Those with small pets can take old cereal boxes or other small boxes and line them with old socks or shredded t-shirts in order to create a surprise hideaway that is very different from a traditional cage. If the cardboard is large enough, hideaways for larger animals such as cats are possible.

Old boxes can also be turned into ersatz gift boxes. This merely requires using tissue paper or gift wrap on the outside of the box and placing the gift inside.

To keep Christmas lights free of tangles, individuals can create several rectangles out of old cardboard containers and then wrap each piece with a single string.

Those with crafting skills can convert old cardboard into custom business cards to help them stand out from those with more traditional cards.