How Do You Clear Your Throat for Singing?


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To clear the throat for singing, try taking a sip of water. If that does not clear the throat of mucus, try coughing very gently

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Throat clearing and coughing is very hard on vocal chords. It causes the vocal chords to pull and slam into each other, which can result in a hoarse voice and even cause damage over time. Singers should avoid clearing their throats whenever possible, even if they feel that they have some mucus build-up in the throat. Water can lubricate the throat and wash down any excess mucus. They should avoid drinking other liquids, as drinks containing sugar and milk can produce mucus and are less hydrating than water. If water does not solve the problem, singers can try clearing their throats very gently. They may also be able to sing or hum away the excess mucus.

Singers should avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine while practicing or performing. These substances can create dryness in the throat. They should also avoid smoking in general, as smoking can create excess mucus in the throat.

If excessive mucus is a persistent problem, it can be helpful to see a doctor. It could be a symptom of allergies, sinus conditions or other disorders. A doctor can help treat the problem so that it does not affect the singing voice over the long term.

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