How Do You Clean Stuffed Animals?

How Do You Clean Stuffed Animals?

How Do You Clean Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animals can be placed inside a mesh laundry bag and cleaned in the washing machine if the care labels indicate that the items are washable. Use a sealable laundry bag and regular laundry detergent to wash and dry the stuffed animal, which takes several hours.

  1. Secure the stuffed animal

    Place the toy inside a sealable mesh laundry bag before placing it in the washing machine. The bag allows for thorough cleaning while protecting the stuffed animal from potential damage caused by the washing machine's agitator or other items in the wash. Note that machine washing is not appropriate for stuffed animals that contain a music box or other electronic equipment.

  2. Wash on delicate

    Choose a delicate washing machine cycle and cold water to protect the toy and to prevent colors from running. Add the appropriate amount of regular laundry soap for this cycle, as indicated on the soap's packaging.

  3. Dry the stuffed animal

    Allow the toy to air dry in a shady location for several hours if possible. If the stuffed animal is needed more quickly, send it through the dryer on the lowest heat setting. When using the dryer for a stuffed animal, check the item frequently because synthetic materials can burn.