How Do You Clean Silver Coins?


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There are a number of methods to clean silver coins, but one of easiest solutions is to soak the coins in lemon juice for up to 20 hours, making sure to turn them over frequently at the beginning. Once the coins have soaked in the juice for as long as necessary, a good rinse with water will finish the process.

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In addition to using lemon juice, there are a number of other methods that achieve excellent results, although some are more complicated (and may require access to specialist materials) than others.

  1. Warm water
  2. Cleaning coins with warm soapy water can be an easy solution, although the coins should be moved around often. Rubbing household salt onto the coins to clean with the fingers can also get better results. Be aware that damage could be caused to some coins, depending on the type of metallic composition, so they should be checked regularly if using this method.
  3. Vinegar
  4. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning liquid, making it ideal for cleaning coins. Similar processes to lemon juice or water should be followed when using vinegar.
  5. Ammonia solution
  6. A 10 percent ammonia solution is another option, although coins need to be removed every few minutes and brushed down with water. This approach can be potentially damaging to certain coins if they are left exposed to the air too long during the process.
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