What Are Some Clean Preacher Jokes?


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Some clean preacher jokes are "The Offering" and "The Ears Have It." These jokes offer a self-deprecating look at a pastor's job and his attempts to communicate with his congregation. In addition, another joke that makes fun of a pastor's job to speak is "Hot Air."

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In "The Offering," a young child approaches the pastor after the service. When the pastor tries to shake the child's hand, the child offers the pastor money. The pastor tries to refuse the money from the boy, but the boy insists on making the gift. The boy explains that his father says that the pastor is the poorest pastor in the history of the church. The child explains that because the pastor is the poorest pastor, the child wants to help the pastor financially.

"The Ears Have It" tells the story of three friends that go deer hunting. All three friends shoot at the same buck, but the buck falls with only one bullet hole. The friends argue about who shot the buck. When a government official arrives, the official quickly identifies the pastor as the person responsible for shooting the buck. When asked how he is sure, the official replies that it is because the bullet went in one ear and out the other.

Similarly, in "Hot Air," a pastor tells the story of installing button-operated, hot air hand dryers in the church's bathrooms. The hand dryers sit in the bathrooms for about two weeks. One day, the pastor walks into the bathroom and sees a sign. The sign reads that a person can hear a sample of the pastor's sermons by pressing the dryer's button.

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