How Do You Clean a PlayStation 2 Game Disc Without Using a Disc Cleaner?


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A PlayStation 2 game disc can be adequately cleaned without a commercially available disc cleaner by using rubbing alcohol or window cleaner solution, a soft cloth, and cotton swabs. Dirty PlayStation game discs can affect the performance of the game and might cause skips and freezes while playing.

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There are two main steps to clean a PlayStation 2 game disc using simple household items.

Step 1:

Examine the game disc for any fingerprint smudges. Fingerprints can be easily cleaned off by rotating the game disc counterclockwise while holding a soft cloth to the disc.

Step 2:

For more stubborn dirt, dab alcohol or window cleaning solution on a small part of the cloth and then clean the disc as discussed in step 1. Repeat the process if necessary.

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