What Are Some Classic Pokemon Trading Cards?


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Some classic Pokémon trading cards include Charizard, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Ninetales and Arcanine. The first set to be released in the United States, known as the Base Set, contained 102 cards, 69 of which were monsters. Classic promotional cards include special prelease cards, E3 Pikachu, Ancient Mew and Cool Porygon.

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The Pokémon trading card game has several expansions and was distributed by two different companies. Wizards of the Coast distributed the first sets of cards, most of which featured the first 251 monsters. Classic trainers and items, such as the Poké Ball and Clefairy Doll, also appeared in the Base set.

After the success of the Base set, additional expansion sets were introduced to the card game. One set, for example, focused on gym leaders and the Pokémon they used in the video games. Some classic cards found in these sets include Blaine's Moltres, Brock's Rhydon, Erika's Vileplume, Rocket's Mewtwo and various gym stadium cards.

In 2003, Pokémon USA began distribution with the set EX Ruby & Sapphire. This classic set featured monsters from the games with the same titles including Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko. Some Pokémon that previously appeared in the older sets were also included, such as Weezing and Seaking.

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