What Are Some Class Reunion Games and Ideas?


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Some class reunion games and ideas include imitations, guessing the top 10, name tag hunt and melody match. A class reunion gives former classmates the chance to get together and remember old memories after being apart for some years.

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Every person attending the reunion can have the chance to imitate a teacher, coach or former classmates and have the rest guess whom he is imitating.

Guests to the reunion can have fun by having others guess the top 10 songs, movies and singers among others of the year that they graduated. The person who makes the most accurate guess can then receive a prize for his effort.

The former classmates should play the name tag hunt with name tags that have photographs of the classmates. They should face the name tag down and let one person pick a random tag. The person that picks the tag should then find the person whose name is on the tag. The game is an excellent way of increasing familiarity with other persons.

Melody match is an interesting game where one person plays a tune for about 20 seconds, and then another person guesses the name of the singer and the song. The songs should be from the year that the group graduated from college or high school. To have fun, they should play the game in groups.

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