What does the Christmas update in "Cookie Clicker" do?


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The 2015 Christmas update to the computer game "Cookie Clicker" allows players to spend their cookie profits on new items, including Santa hats, Christmas tree ornaments and lumps of coal. Players are also able to grow a Santa in a test tube. Apart from these additions, gameplay remains the same. "Cookie Clicker" is published by Orteil and available online.

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"Cookie Clicker" was released in 2013. The goal of the game is to produce cookies; to make cookies, players click on a large cookie on the left side of the screen. The faster the player clicks, the faster he produces cookies. The player can use the cookies to purchase virtual items such as farms, time machines and grandmothers, which in turn allow the player to produce cookies in increasingly large quantities. There is no end goal to the game.

While the start of "Cookie Clicker" requires players to manually produce cookies by clicking on the screen, the first virtual item available for purchase allows players to automate cookie production. After this point, the game is capable of running itself indefinitely with no further interaction from the player.

Orteil, the game's creator, has produced a number of unconventional computer games, including "Nested" and "ClickQuest," both of which also lack clear goals.

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