How Do You Choose a Horse for Racing?

The process for choosing which horse to bet on during a horse race involves analyzing the statistics for each horse, including the results of past races and the jockey's current standings. You should also consult the current odds on the horses to determine which offer safer bets and which carry higher payouts.

Determine your overall betting strategy beforehand, as it influences the plays and bets you make. If you prefer to play it safe and don't want to put down much money up front, bet on the favorite horses for the race or those that carry a high success rate. If you want to take larger risks and are willing to lose some money in the process, place more money on the favorites or choose a horse with worse odds in the hopes of obtaining a better payout.

Once you determine your comfort levels and set a budget, purchase a program for the race and a Daily Racing Form. The program offers information about the day's events, such as which horses are competing in which race and at what time. The Daily Racing Form offers information about each horse's past performance, which you can use to determine the likelihood of success. Compare past statistics to current odds and feedback from the handicappers to find the horse that meets your needs.