How Do I Choose Good Pictionary Words for Kids?

Appropriate Pictionary words for kids depend on the specific ages of the children. For toddlers or kindergarten-aged children, choose words that are easily recognizable from a picture. Words such as apple, tree, pig, house and bear work well for young children. For older kids or teens, words should be a bit more challenging, but should not be too cumbersome to draw in a short amount of time.

Coming up with a steady stream of words that small kids easily recognize from a drawing can be challenging. It's best to prepare a large list of words before starting to play the Pictionary game. On a daily basis, keep a notepad handy that can be used to jot down words as they come to mind. There are also several websites that have word generators that can be used to generate a variety of words in different categories. The Game Gal website offers instructions on how to play Pictionary, as well as a word generator with words in easy, medium, hard, really hard, movie title, people, characters and idioms categories. Word Generator also has a generator with easy, medium, hard and animal word categories. The site also offers several selections of words from popular culture.