How Do You Choose a Good, Cheap DSLR Camera?

How Do You Choose a Good, Cheap DSLR Camera?

Choose a good, cheap DSLR camera by considering usage, size, resolution and compatibility with current equipment. Professionals commonly use DSLR cameras due to their high picture quality and features.

One of the most important factors to consider is what the camera will actually be used for. Whether it’s sports photography, portraits, nature shots or travel photography, a camera’s purpose typically dictates its features. A nature photographer may need a more powerful zoom feature and a faster shutter speed, while a portrait photographer may be more interested in a higher resolution capability.

Physical size is another important consideration, and it ties in closely to a camera’s purpose. Photographers who need to move quickly and travel with their cameras often opt for smaller models, while those who keep their cameras mostly stationary may want larger models. Photographers on a budget may have to try to strike a balance between ideal size and price.

While the number of megapixels may not always have as much of an impact on image quality as camera companies claim, it’s worth considering resolution, particularly depending on how the photos will be used. Photographers interested in print enlargements or reproductions generally want high resolution cameras, though these can be more expensive.

Many DSLR cameras are compatible with a range of other photography equipment, such as lenses and memory cards. Research cameras to find out if they are compatible with any existing equipment, which can help save money.