How Do You Choose a Color of Duncan Glaze?

How Do You Choose a Color of Duncan Glaze?

Duncan brand glazes can be chosen from the color wheel on the Duncan color catalog or on craft websites such as Choosing a color depends on whether you need it as a regular glaze, underglaze or you are painting ceramics that do not require firing in a kiln.

Duncan glazes come in a variety of colors. The first thing you need to do is decide if your project is one that needs to be fired in a kiln or oven or if it does not require firing. Duncan offers several themed glazes for any project, such as metallic, opalescent and neon colors.

The underglaze is what is used to paint on ceramic or bisque that is glazed over once finished. Duncan offers common colors and a selection of special blend glazes that combine two complementing colors with a splatter effect.

The glaze, also known as overglaze, is used to coat the work to seal and protect it during firing. These are available in most colors and tint the entire work, and they are designed to darken or lighten underglaze colors for artistic effect.

For non-firing projects, Duncan offers opalescent, stone, crackle, glitter and metallic colors to paint a project. These projects cannot be fired in a kiln or oven or the color cracks and falls off. They must stand and dry and are primarily used for decorative purposes.