How Do You Choose Art Paper for Kids?


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The best type of art paper for kids depends on what types of projects the kids are working on. For cut-outs and similar projects, regular construction paper works well. For drawing and sketching, good quality medium-weight paper is more appropriate and for paintings, it is important to choose heavyweight paper. Paper crafts like origami also have their own specialized kinds of paper.

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How Do You Choose Art Paper for Kids?
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For everyday sketches or doodles, regular printer paper makes a good art paper choice for kids. However, this type of paper does not hold up well over time, and it often becomes brittle and discolored, especially after prolonged light exposure.

For paintings, using quality paper is essential. Though convenient, printer paper and other thin papers absorb a lot of moisture, becoming warped and deformed. While even low-grade watercolor papers are expensive, they are strong enough to hold up to painting without extensive warping, ensuring a child's early artistic efforts stand the test of time.

Most children do not require super-heavyweight artist-grade papers like Bristol board, but giving them quality materials supports their artistic endeavors. To save money, many papers can be purchased in larger rolls. These larger rolls also allow parents to choose whatever size of paper is appropriate for a child's current project.

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