How Do You Do Cheshire Cat Face Paint?

How Do You Do Cheshire Cat Face Paint?

To do Cheshire face paint, cover your face with a medium pink base, add shading with purple, paint an exaggerated, toothy smile over your lips and paint your nose. This process takes around an hour and requires face paints, cosmetic sponges, paint brushes and a mirror.

  1. Paint a base of pink

    Cover your face with a medium pink face paint using a cosmetic sponge. Pink base should extend to your hairline and just below your chin bone. Also cover your eyelids and eyebrows with the pink.

  2. Shade with purple

    Accent the base by blending a small amount of purple paint with the pink along the curve of your forehead and over your eyelids and brows. Also shade with purple along the sides of your nose extending down to your mouth.

  3. Paint the smile

    Trace the outline of the smile you want to paint over your mouth with black paint. Use the shape of your mouth to guide you. Corners of the smile should extend into the cheeks and curl toward the nose. Paint the inside of the smile white. Use black to paint the lines of the teeth inside the smile.

  4. Add final details

    Paint the tip of your nose black. Finally, paint a few whiskers in black on both cheeks.