What Are Some Cheats for Zuma's Revenge?

In Zuma's Revenge, cheat codes include typing certain keyboards, such as "mumu," in the middle of the game and surpassing certain special levels. These cheat codes help the player gain achievements through the game.

Zuma's Revenge is a computer game where the goal is to save an amphibian in a land where tiki's rule and conquer the world. Different levels can be surpassed by successfully bringing the amphibian to victory, by escaping various obstacles. The following cheat codes are not mentioned in the game's normal instructions.

If the code "mumu" is typed while the game is being played, the MuMu mode will be activated. This mode is required for the last achievement to be attained. If level 10 is completed in Adventure mode, than Challenge mode will be unlocked as well. Similarly, completing an Adventure mode will allow the Iron Frog mode of the same level as the Adventure mode to be unlocked; completing that Iron Frog mode will consequently cause the Challenge mode of that level to be unlocked as well.

Completing certain tasks cause the player to unlock and utilize select achievements during a game of Zuma's Revenge. For example, if the player beats Ace time on 10 different levels, they will unlock the "Ace Ace" achievement. If the player attains a 20X chain, he or she will be rewarded with a "Chains of Love" achievement. If the cheat code above is used to activate MuMu mode, then the "Justified and Ancient" achievement will be awarded. "Zhaka MuMu" is given to those who successfully complete an adventure mode.