What Are the Cheats for "Pokemon Battle Fire"?

"Pokemon Battle Fire" is made from a Ruby Rom, so the cheat codes are the same as they are in Ruby. While some cheat codes no longer exist due to slight gameplay changes, codes using Gameshark or Action Replay remain the same.

"Pokemon Battle Fire" is a fan-made game that uses a new story arc, characters and Fakemon. Because the Fakemon use the same programming as the Pokemon in Ruby, they are modified in a similar way. Codes that make Pokemon appear shiny, for example, are still usable as long as the code is activated.

Wild Pokemon can also be manipulated using the Gameshark or Action Replay. While the game is designed to show off 202 fan-made Pokemon, players are able to catch classic Pokemon that were available for Ruby by entering in the unique code. Entering C7715E5D 4B03490C, for example, causes a wild Bulbasaur to appear in place of a normal Pokemon. Eggs can also be modified in a similar way.

Item codes also remain the same. Most items within the game are named the same as they are in Ruby, which helps to avoid confusion among players. This means the replication codes and replacement codes for Ruby can still be used. For example, DCEEEC34 AFEADC26 replaces the first item in the user's PC with a master ball.