What Are Some Cheats for "Kitten Cannon"?

There are no cheats that players can enter while playing “Kitten Cannon.” Some tips for the game include setting the cannon to 21.5 and using full power. Doing this launches the kitten much farther and faster.

To help the kitten shoot farther but not very high, players need to set their cannon to 10.9 and shoot the kitten when the power bar turns green. This sends the kitten across the ground at speeds of 1,200 km/h. Staying this close to the ground causes the cat to hit a TNT stack and bounce high into the air.

Some websites have built-in cheats for “Kitten Cannon.” Games With Cheats offers “Kitten Cannon” with zero-gravity mode, so the kitten only gains speed, never loses it. Also, the only way for the player to lose is if the cat hits a death spike or gets caught in a Venus fly-trap.

“Kitten Cannon” is a Flash game that is played in Web browsers with no need to download the game. The game is easy to play and does not require much skill. Instead, the game requires a lot of trial and error, as well as a bit of luck. Players aim the cannon with the arrow keys and press the space bar to fire the kitten out of the cannon.