What are some cheats for "GTA IV"?


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Cheats for ���Grand Theft Auto IV��� include spawning vehicles in the game by calling numbers on the in-game cellphone. To get the Comet car, players need to dial (227) 555-0175 while outside in the game. To get the Super GT car, players should dial (227) 555-0168. Players can spawn a helicopter by calling (359) 555-0100.

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Most of the cheats in ���Grand Theft Auto IV��� are entered using the cellphone. Players can even change the time of day and the weather using the in-game cellphone and calling (468) 555-0100. To gain access to weapons, players can use the cellphone and call (486) 555-0100. This gives players access to the sniper rifle, pistol, RPG, M4, MP5, grenades and a baseball bat. However, entering this cheat, disables the player's ability to acquire some of the in-game achievements.

When the player is being chased by the cops, he can get rid of his wanted level in the game by using the cellphone and dialing (267) 555-0100. If the player wants to raise his heat level, he can enter (267) 555-0150 instead. To refill the player's health and armor, he can call (362) 555-0100. Once again, using these codes make some of the achievements in the game unattainable.

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