What Are Cheats for "Elf SIM Date 2?"


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GameWinners indicates that cheat codes for “Elf SIM Date 2” include entering "Twilight" to boost the player's stats to level 100 and "Conspiracy" to gain access to the maximum number of items that the player can carry. These cheat codes are entered when starting a new game after the player has created an in-game character.

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There are also cheat codes that can be used to boost the experience points for each of the girl elves in the game, according to GameWinners. For example, players can boost Glinda's experience points by 8,000 by entering the cheat code “Popular,” or boost Elphaba's experience points by 8,000 by entering the cheat code “Witch.”

According to Free Games, “Elf SIM Date 2” is a dating simulator in which players try to score a date and eventually win the heart of their favorite girl. Unlike similar flash dating simulators, such as “SIM Girl,” all the girls in “Elf SIM Date 2” are elves. To impress their favorite elf, players have to work on boosting the stats that make that elf the happiest. Since each elf has a different personality, figuring out which stats to boost is part of the challenge. Some of the stats that players have to work on boosting include charm, strength, magic and romance.

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